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Tuesday, December 18th 2007

2:13 PM

Thankful for the exercise

Just a thought on balance: 

I have been surfing for blogs about online marketing.  Many of them are so far ahead of me!  They're all into widgets and SEO tactics that seem incredibly geeky and way too complicated.  I found it all a bit of a headache. 

Made me just want to get up and go for a walk.  That's why I'm glad I do this flyer stuff.  It gives me a bit of balance.  When I am feeling really tense from too much sitting in front of the computer, I can get some exercise while still earning a few bob from it.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell I'm doing it, since it doesn't translate to a great hourly rate.  But then it is good stress relief.  A lot of people pay a lot to a gym to get the same exercize that I am being paid a little for.  So, it's definitely worth it. 


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