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Tuesday, December 18th 2007

3:36 PM

Page rank checker

Lately I have fallen into the habit of checking the page rank of just about every website I find. 

I know that many people don't think that this measure is all that meaningful.  I suspect that some of these are embittered bloggers and webmasters who received a Google slap or two and then decided to ignore it and went on to succeed in their quest for monster traffic anyway. 

I do think that it has some use, however.  Google is God, after all.  So it must be worth getting some sort of endorsement from it.  Surely it's better to submit your URL to a directory with a PR of 7 than one with a PR of 0.

Anyway, here's a good tool for finding page rank quickly

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Posted by Sewa Proyektor di Pekanbaru:

nice blogg!;);)
Sewa Proyektor Pekanbaru
Tuesday, March 27th 2018 @ 8:03 PM

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